Tuesday, January 23, 2007

State of the Union -- 01/23/07


"Madam Speaker"

Well, George, of course you're the first prez to use "Madam Speaker," and she's there not at all by your choice, but partially your doing -- your policies made the electorate swing left or stay home.


"Spend the people's money wisely."
"make life better for our fellow Americans"

Not for the last 6 years, you haven't

"Not with more government, but with more enterprise."

Big business is not really the answer, george.

"Balance the federal budget"
"Don't raise taxes"

Well, we *had* a budget surplus until you trashed it.

Shall we look at the cost to the federal budget what your tax cuts for the rich have wrought?


Funny, you didn't find earmarks quite so onerous when your republican buddies were running them

"social security & medicaid & medicare"

They don't need "fixing" as much as protection from you.

"No Child Left Behind"

It's to laugh when one of the biggest unfunded mandates that put huge financial burbens on school systems is touted as being "local choice." And NCLB has *not* helped schools, but guaranteed that those who cannot afford to move will see schools strippd of funds.

"Health Insurance"

This shuffling of tax benefits vs. a new taxable class strikes me as smoke and mirrors. (oh, that's right -- you forgot to mention trhe new tax class you were instyituting, on em[ployee-funding fo healtgh isuance premiums -- how could you forget?)

Where were the calls for innovative health insurance options for the last 6 years?

Again, the chimera of malpractice.

Malpractice costs are less than 5 percnt of health costs.

And malpractice insurance rates are not, by-and-large, based on physician experience, but on the performance of insurance company investments in the stock and bond markets.

Again, the call to beef up the profits for corporations (pharma & insurance) and shaft the small consumer with "reform"


be honest, call it an amnesty and a new class of segregation -- they'll be good enough to provide work for extremely low wages, but not good enough to have a chance to stay.

"dependence on oil"

If you were so concerned with danger from terrorists, why have you insisted on creating more and more terrorists?

And lets push for more dollars for your friends in the energy companies with ethenal, eh?

Smoke and mirrors, smoke and mirrors.

"fair and impartial system of justice"

George, stop lying -- the democrats have not been some great force blockingthe judicial nominations

The "Patriot Act" is still a bad law, and a bad idea. And if you would stop trying to breed more terrorists you would not have to worry so much about fighting them.

Again with the smoke and mirrors -- none of the cases cited have been proved. But they sound good. What, no yellowcake announcements? I'm sure you can find some -- I'm sure Karl can find it for you.

ANd keep on couching "the wa on terra" in religious terms.

ANd be caeful about invoking binLaden -- remember, he couldn't hide? Oh, wait, he done ran and went hid. Why hasn't he been brought to justice?

*He* was behind the 9-11 hijackings, not Hussein.

(these things would go faster if the audience could refrain from standing everytime GW takes a beath.)

"democratic Iraq"

By the time the US leaves, we will have lost thousands more of US troops, and tens or hundreds of thousands of civilian Iraq casulties.

ANd also by the time we leave Iraq will be seperate states -- Kurds, Shia and Sunni. And the people will be wishing they had Saddam back

And the "consequences will be grievious if the US leaves" -- sounds like VietNam. It's deja vu all over again.

More troops again.

And again.

"Civilian Reserve"

Sounds like a good idea, actually, as long as it's not a call to more mercanaries.

"nukes in Iran"

Why the *hell* didn't you go after the mid-east country that *really* wanted to build nukes, instead of Iraq?

"fight AIDS"

How about funding the plans already in place, instead of call for new ones?

and so on, and so on, and so on...