Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The "cowardice" of Murtha?

There is still the absurd nation that Rep Murtha is some kind of turncoat or coward to the cause for the war, among the right-wing sphere, and now there is an imagined claim, among some, that Murtha has somehow united the GOP again into a common purpose.

After the attacks on Murtha on the House floor, both indirectly, by the attempt to rewrite his resolution with a piece of shameless sleaze, with the declaration that "it's not a rewrite -- it's what I see as the essence of the resolution," and directly, by calling him a coward, the GOP has been scrambling to present a united front.

Oh, it's a united front -- it's a circling of the SUVs, not some grand reinvigoration.

And the voters are part of the equation as to why it's a a circle they are showing, instead of a united and purposeful front.

If the neo-cons and the end-timers want to keep the Mideast destabilized by military intervention, the citizens of the U.S. do not -- and they are making their displeasure known to their senators and representatives.

And they are also very unhappy about this attempt to "swift-boat" a congressman who also spent 37 years in the Marine Corps, with his own injuries in combat. A man who has, since the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts began, been visiting wounded troops at Walter Reed every week.

Every week.

And not in some drive-by photo-op, either, but sitting and talking to the troops, and seeing, in full, the cost of this war.

That takes courage.

Maybe it would do some of his fellows in the house good to see these same vets.

For every one of those who refuses to see these men and women, and to see the cost to these people, who deserve our respect and consideration, who calls for continued fighting are themselves cowards.

If they are able to see these soldiers, week after week, and still push for the fighting, is one thing.

But to refuse to see them, to refuse to face the consequences of their actions by putting these men and women into jeopardy, and to still call for this war's continuation, is the very examplar of cowardice that they tried to level at Murtha.

And the voters are starting to realize that as well.

And it appears that they are not happy.

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