Saturday, April 15, 2006

O brave new world, That has such people in't!

Operation Ivy's shot King, a weapons related air-drop on Enewetak on 11/15/52.
With the recent New Yorker article pointing out the possibility of G.W. releasing nukes over Iran, I cannot but think back to the days of “duck and cover,” before planners realized (admitted?) that there was no such critter as a “limited nuclear exchange.”

Of course, with the assurances of G.W. that he Is Doing All He Can For A Peaceful Solution, I think the film clip that I’ve linked to here is quite appropriate a reminder about what may be involved, even when you are looking at capabilities from 5 decades ago.

This is a 41-second excerpt of a 30 minute film available at the website for the DOE’s Nevada Test Site, showcasing events with such unassuming catalog titles as Fox, Nancy, Badger, Encore and Climax.

Even though the film catalog description declares this to be “silent,” there actually is a disturbingly appropriate soundtrack.

Photo courtesy of National Nuclear Security Administration / Nevada Site Office.

O brave new world, That has such people in't! (The Tempest, Act 5, scene 1)

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