Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Cartoons

I've been watching the drama, and in some cases, the horror, surrounding the publication of the representations of the Prophet Muhammad.

Originally requested by the newspaper because of a complaint by a children's book author that no illustrator was willing to work other than anonymously to provide art for a book about the Prophet, out of fear of reaction for daring to create a representation of Muhammad.

Some commentators have claimed that the threats against journalists, newspaper editors and bloggers, and the burning of a national embassy, show the true nature of Islam.

What it really shows is that there are people everywhere who will take any excuse to further their own agendas. Some use political philosophy, some religion, and all too often the strategy is violence. Not that that philosophy or religion is violent, but that there are individuals in positions of power who will choose that tactic to further their aims, and will use the philosophy or religion as a cloak.

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