Thursday, February 23, 2006

I don't care that it's the UAE...

... That bought the U.K. company that bought the United States company that swallowed the fly.

What *I* care about is that *any* non-U.S. company is/was in charge of the operations at these U.S. ports.

One of the issues that has been raised again and again, and consistently disregarded by this administration, is import security at the nation's shipping facilities, especially the facilities handing ocean-borne cargo.

There has apparently been no attempt to do any systematic analysis of the port facilities operations, strengths and vunerabilities, or else the fact that a UK company was running the bulk of operations at 6 ports of entry would not have been such a surprise to so many in the Congress or the Executive branch. It doesn't matter that Great Britain is currently a "friend and ally," a non-US company should not be in charge of those operations.

It also raises more questions of the competency and due diligence that this administration seems to lack, in that the U.S. Congress found out about the sale of the company from media reports, instead of from the cabinet departments involved.

Indeed, both the veracity and the competence of the White House is called into question, where the President is now claiming that he had no idea of the resulting ownership until after it was announced -- competency because it's *his* cabinet appointees who should have told the President and passed the knowledge of what was sure to be a hot potato (especially given the hysteria that this administration has been fostering in regards to *anything* to do with the Middle East vis-a-vis "national security," and veracity because it strikes many as absurd and extremely unlikely that those same cabinet appointees did *not* inform their boss about what was about to happen.

Stupid or lying. Take your pick.

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