Monday, February 13, 2006

Was He Snark Hunting?

Of late I've been trying to put appropriate images with some of my articles here in The Boston Progressive, if I can.

The weekend news brought us reports of Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shooting a companion while quail hunting.

The only visual I could think of that would do justice would be from Mel Brook's "History of The World - Part I." The scene where the French monarch is declaring "I *love* the people!" while p/e/a/s/a/n/t/ skeet-shooting. However, since I don't have that clip (and couldn't pay the licensing fee anyway) you will have to be satisfied by knowing what scene I mean.

Luck was with all involved, as the "victim" was reported to be doing fine after being "peppered" with the shot pellets.

Some bloggers and other commentators are saying this will have bad repercussions on Cheney's influence inside the beltway. I really don't see it -- after a bit the jokes will die down and the silly season will go away. But you have to admit that the opportunities for snarkiness are sooooo ripe.

It's not like he makes it a habit, as a certain other VP did when beaning people on the links while golfing.

While we are on the subject of former Vice Presidents, though, I didn't even know that Dan was in season.

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