Monday, January 30, 2006

Alito Cloture vote

(I'll try live blogging)

After debate, with the only stirring rhetoric from Ted Kennedy, and a lot of misleading speeches and misdirection from the GOP senators, the vote for Cloture to cut off debate is proceeding at 4:30 PM, East-Coast time. The vote requires 60 votes to pass.

If the cloture vote passes, the final vote for Alito's confirmation to the United States Supreme Court will occur on Tuesday, at 11:00 AM ET, requiring a simple majority vote.
at 4:49 PM the clerk is reading back the votes received, and soliciting votes from those senators who were not at their desks.
At 4:57 the polling is still taking place.

I'm not able to take the running tally, so I'll have to wait on the clerk (or C-SPAN) to get the tally and names.

The video shows most of the Senate standing in the well of the Senate floor, presumably making sure of votes, or arm-twisting to change votes.

If this nomination passes through, I really think this will be a black day for our country.

Unlike what Hatch claimed during his speech, this is *not* just about Roe v Wade.

It's about undue deference to government instrumentality.

It's about undue deference to monied business interests.

It's also about whether or not the GOP ideology will take precedent over the needs of the people of the nation.

at 05:06 PM the clerk is still taking names.

Today Cheney has a day off from the Senate (he doesn't vote on issues like this)
At 05:15 still not final tally.

At 05:27 the final tally is 72 to support cloture and 25 agai9njst.

This will aloow the vote to proceed tomorrow.

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