Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It's The /N/i/g/h/t/ Week Of The /L/o/n/g/ /K/n/i/v/e/s/ Awards

We have seen a couple of sets of blogger awards of late, and now we have a new award judged by a blog -- World O' Crap has just announced the winners for the 2005 Ultimate Wingnut Award.

The ending lineup was:
  • 4th Runner-up - Michelle Malkin

  • 3rd Runner-up - Dr. Professor Mike S. Adams, Ph.D. (nee Daphne?)

  • 2nd Runner-up - Anne Coulter

  • 1st Runner-up - Pastor J. Grant Swank

  • Winner & 2005 Ultimate Wingnut! is - Hindrocket of Powerline!

  • But they certainly do deserve these alleged accolades.

    The post linked above describes the awards they would be receiving if it were possible to /p/u/t/ /t/h/e/m/ /i/n/ /t/h/e/i/r/ /p/l/a/c/e/s/ give them their due honors.

    However, the article that describes the achievements for the five finalists is just chock full of the praise they so richly deserve - "Ultimate Wingnut Finalists"

    Read both of the articles, they highlight the deep appreciation that the author holds for these esteemed personages.

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