Sunday, January 01, 2006

More on the murder of Paul Berkley (AGAIN)

This thing gets uglier and uglier.

Look for this in some Law & Order or CSI episode.

Detail from the AP: "Reservist slain allegedly by wife and teen lover"
Christine Canty told the newspaper that she had been bickering with her son about his affair with Monique Berkley for the better part of a year.

"She didn't sit right with me from the moment I met her," she told the paper. "It bothered me because she was older, and I wondered why she was hanging out with my son. He figured he was a grown man and could do what he wanted."

Johnson, a freshman business major at East Carolina University, began dating Becky Berkley, Christine Canty told the newspaper. Police have not suggested that Becky Berkley was involved in the crime.

This year, Andrew Canty told his mother that he and Monique Berkley had begun a sexual relationship, Christine Canty told The News & Observer. He allegedly moved in with her in April, a few months after her husband shipped out.

"We can't imagine in any circumstances the chain of events that led to this tragedy," Susan Wheeler, Monique Berkley's mother said in a statement issued Monday. "Monique has no history of violence and comes from a loving and caring family. We are truly saddened by Paul's death."
Short plea-bargains from all involved, the trials will be even more sordid. Certainly L&A and CSI material.
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