Monday, January 16, 2006

Maybe it's about the Pakistani nuke plants?

I suppose Bush/Cheney thinks Al Qaeda need help in it's membership drives?

(and is your resident blogger allowed a couple of tin-foil hat observations every quarter or so?)

If asked 2 years ago if the White House could be this stupid, I would have said *no way!*

After what else has been happening in DC, with the GOP under heavy legal fire against the leadership cult figures in the House and Senate, the Abramoff cases, the second federal grand jury hearing testimony about Plamegate, a growing perception that the mid-term elections, rather than the condition of the war "on the ground," will drive troop levels in Iraq, the continued strikes by the U.S. against Pakistani targets looks like really desperate efforts to generate some good news in the War On Terra(tm) and Shock And Awe in Iraq.

These missile strikes, combined with last month's flap about the "poem" spelling out G.W.'s name being inserted into Pakistani textbooks seem designed to destabilize the current government in Pakistan and invite a new Islamic theocracy to fight. Or create another imputed "failed state" condition that will give an excuse to invide Pakistan as well.

Perhaps under the guise of denying terrorists access to Pakistan's atomic weapons and the Chasnupp and Kanupp nuclear reactors ?

It would not be at all out of the question (particularly in light of the administration's deliberate deception about the yellowcake "sales" to Iraq) to use a threat like an anti-Israel, anti-US theocracy with nukes as an excuse to invade Pakistan, and to "bring democracy" to more of the region.

Two years ago I wouldn't have believed it.


I can only ask "what's next?"

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