Saturday, March 25, 2006

Exodus drops t/r/o/u/, uhh, suit

In an earlier article, I noted that the law firm of Liberty Counsel (partial to right-wing causes) had brought action on behalf of one of their clients, Exodus International (an organization that bills itself as an "ex-gay ministry"), and send a Cease & Desist order to blogger Justin Watt that parodied one of their billboards on his Justinsomnia site.

USA Today is carrying news that Exodus International is withdrawing their complaint, supposedly because he removed an "image watermark" from his parody.

The writer for the news outlet thinks it's more likely that Watt, who had enlisted the help of the ACLU, was able to stare down Exodus & Liberty because he knew what his rights were under copyright law's protection of parody under the "fair use" doctrine, and didn't meekly comply with the threat.

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