Tuesday, March 21, 2006

On The Road Again....

I violate some (most?) of the strictures that are supposed to bring in the Big Hit Counts:

  • - I don’t routinely post several times a day (or even consistently every day)
  • - I don’t post just short sight-bites, usually tending to more text to illustrate any analysis (too verbose? Maybe.)
  • - I’m not outrageous (World of Crap, and any number of other sites that exist do that well, but WoC is actually trying to), even if I do admit to the more-than-occasional snarky bits
  • - I don’t give comments only on the issue de le moment, and sometimes discuss events from days (weeks) past
  • - I don’t have Big Name Hit Guests to liven up the scene

    I often don’t post every day in any case.

    Now, I’m not even posting as much as I had previously (as a few readers have noticed).

    I started a new job at the beginning of this month, and it eats up about 90 minutes each way in my commute ‘twixt work and home, I work too many hours anyway, and I haven’t yet struck the balance of work/travel/sleep/home-handiness-stuff/reading/writing that will work. Oh, and (as usual in these things), time for “family” get even more short-changed.

    I truly admire people like Dr. B (of BitchPhD ) and Joe Gandleman (of The Moderate Voice) who can seemingly get prose out and published in the time it takes to get the car door closed and the oven started for dinner. And it’s *good* writing too. (**grumble**)

    So, I’ll try to do better, but I don’t guarantee it’ll be anything more than a “try.”

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