Saturday, March 04, 2006

Has FEMA's Michael Brown been exonerated?

New video that has been obtained by AP shows Michael Brown telling GW Bush that there would be troubles with the levees around New Orleans. Whether he told Bush the levees would be breached or overtopped is irrelevant.

Bush kept on saying that nobody thought that there could be troubles with the levees.

However, I can recall analysts on The Weather Channel saying exactly that that was a possibility.

And an article in Scientific American, in 2001 said the same.

Is Brown "vindicated" that he told Bush something that Bush and Chertoff later denied ever hearing about?


Does it mean that he was either competent in execution of his duties, or that his hiring was aught but an exercise in cronyism?


All that can be said here is he didn't screw up as badly as those above him in the chain of command.

In the end, when he was hired he was someone who had been bounced from running a part of an organization that shows horses, and he did not grow into the job.

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