Saturday, March 25, 2006

This is the legal talent that big money can buy.

After the sentencing for three men convicted of a brutal multiple rape of a girl who was then 16-years old, defense lawyer John Barnett announced to the press "Everybody lost today, there were no victors."

The OC Weekly had coverage Tuesday of the sentencing hearing for the trio convicted in the Haidl Gang Rape Case.

The first trial in the case ended with a mistrial. The second ended with the three defendants getting 6 years apiece in prison, and they will have to register as sex offenders after release.

The defense team, bankrolled by the multi-millionaire father of one of the rapists, made statements that should make any lawyer cringe with shame for being in the same profession.

It is one thing to pursue a vigorous defense for your client, but it is beyond the pale for lawyers to make claims, in court, as the defense's Al Stokke did, when he claimed that, since the girl had been drugged unconscious by the trio of rapists, her physical injuries, including penetration by lit cigarette, soda can and a pool cue, were not that severe, with his claim that "There's [no pain] that is felt," he said, "because she was unconscious."

And the lawyer who claimed there were no "victors?"

He tried to claim that it wasn't really "rape." From the OC weekly article:
If their [the defense team's] arguments had prevailed, it would no longer be necessary for a woman to give, say, oral consent before sex. Defense lawyer John Barnett, legendary in Southern California for representing cops accused of excessive force, argued that consent is implied if a man who penetrates a woman's rectum with a foreign object can do so without causing massive injuries. Only a willing sex partner could relax her sphincter muscle, claimed Barnett.

No. No victors at all, especially not the legal profession, that has these men in it.

Except maybe the women these three will not be attacking for the next 6 years.

But they're good-looking boys.

I'm sure they will find lots of bosom buddies over the next few years.

H/t to Bitch PHD and other bloggers for keeping this in our eyes.

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