Saturday, December 03, 2005

About that DOJ memo...

My article below about the Texas redistricting flap and the DOJ Section 5* staff memo reminds me of another possible use for the DOJ memo. As evidence in Tom DeLay's trial.

This memo, which documents DeLay's very prominent intrusion into the process, along with one of the aides currently under indictment for money laundering, point to close coordination with DeLay and that aide.

This memo also points up a strengthening of the perception of motive for the conspiracy -- the money transfers that DeLay is allegedly complicity in were for campaigns for the election cycle that was affected by this plan, using this redistricting map.

The coordination shown, and the close (obviously) working relationship between DeLay and this aide would certainly indicate that DeLay knew, either ahead of time, soon after, or participated/directed the money transfers, and knew that the actions were illegal. Obviously, if Delay was a willing participant he is part of the conspiracy. However, if he was not an active participant, is he did know about the transfers (either before or after the fact), and did not report them, he made himself, by that inaction, a willing participant in the conspiracy.

Or so it appears to this layman.

Another reason (for the tin-foil hat crowd, at least) to believe that there were more than the DOJ's hand stirring the pot in regards to the gag order about the Section 5 staff memo.


"Section 5" refers to the portion of the Voting Rights Act the requires several states to submit any changes in voting procedures or apportionment to the U.S. Department of Justice before the changes can be implemented.

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