Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy Boxing Day

Well, I was a good fella and kept away from the news cycle yesterday and today, just hangin' round the house.

Christmas Eve the elder boy and I went to 4:00 PM mass and caught the annual Christmas Pageant, presented in place of the Gospel reading. Actually, attendance was mandatory for me -- I was doing one of the scripture readings from the pulpit. And I thought I had stage fright during sales calls...

Comes The Day, we handed gifts to both boys for unwrapping before my trundling off to Sunday morning services. There were only about a dozen people at the service, and, as usual when attendance is that small (usually only on days like Thanksgiving or Christmas (because of the attendance at Christmas Eve services) or Epiphany) Fr. Paul has the attending congregation migrate from the main pews to the choir pews on either side of the altar, making for a much more intimate service.

Back home, we were trying to decide if we should call my sister and mother to call off our visit, in deference to my wife's getting-more-miserable-cold and mine own return of The Evil Scourge Of Gout, when my sister calls and tells us that both of *them* are In The Throws Of Something That Is Probably Catching and that we should not drive out there.

Cue to the Better Half doing (as she puts it) The Happy Dance across the kitchen -- we have successfully dodged the Bullet of Guilt.

However, her cold is more miserable, and the recurring marathon on TNT of Jean Sheperd's "A Christmas Story" gave us the idea of Chinese Food! for supper. The local place we like to go to is, indeed, open until 10:00 PM, so I happily went down and got Take Out, including extra orders of Chinese Dumplings for each of the Godzillas.

No, we did not order duck, so the Chinese Turkey did not need to be ritually beheaded.

And the nearest I'm coming to news today, as well, is looking at blogs -- no newspapers, no TV news, no C-SPAN, no CNN. Any TV will be purely Entertainment Purposes Only.

Your regular blogging and fire-breathing will resume tomorrow.

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