Friday, December 16, 2005

Even IRS agents need jobs...

From INDYSTAR.COM: Diabetic wins suit against his employer
Jury awards $78,000 to local IRS agent who was denied promotion

Gary Branham didn't anticipate striking a blow for diabetics who face discrimination because of their disease. The Pendleton man didn't even know such discrimination existed.

Until it happened to him.

In 1999, he was told he would be promoted to special agent with the Internal Revenue Service if he passed a background check and a physical. He was sailing through the process until he volunteered a list of medications he takes.

"I listed insulin," Branham said.

To his shock, the IRS rescinded the tentative job offer, which would have required him to carry a gun. One fear was that Branham might go into insulin shock and become unresponsive.

"They told me that I couldn't have the job because I posed a threat to myself or others," he said.

Branham sued. Monday night, a federal jury in Indianapolis ruled in his favor and awarded him $78,000 in back pay

I don't know if a discrimination suit award classes as a settlement for "personal injury."

If it does, the award would be tax-free.

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