Friday, December 23, 2005

Update on Military Blogger Paul Berkley's Murder

A couple of days ago I linked to news reports about Paul Berkley's murder while he was home on leave (Berkley was a Naval Reservist who had been home on leave from his posting with the 5th Fleet in Bahrain). ("Naval Reservist, and Blogger, Murdered")

At the time of that article local police had arrested Berkley's wife and two local men for the crime.

Berkley's wife has now confessed that she was part of a plot to kill Berkley and collect his insurance. Neighbors and police say that it appeared that Berkley's wife and one of the men arrested were "romantically involved" while Berkley was stationed overseas, Berkley suspected such and was going to seek a divorce.

The prosecutor's office has not yet decided if they will seek the death penalty in the case. (Investigator: Slain Reservist's Wife Promised 'Romantic Interlude' Before Shooting)

Nods to TMV and The Military Outpost for update pointers. There is also more background detail at Military Outpost.

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